POF vs. Tinder: May The Best Dating App Win

pof vs tinder

Source: isfeed.com

As you can tell by now everyday there seems to be a new dating app/site coming out of the woodwork trying to swindle us all into believing that if you sign up with them your almost guaranteed to make a love connection. Honestly it can all get a bit overwhelming when your single trying to fight the temptation of not signing up for any of them. Eventually you break and give in because they’re constantly spoken about by friends and just everyday people.

I finally gave in with POF a few months ago, but after three weeks I removed the app from my phone. It took me two weeks alone to think about what I wanted to write in my bio, so I said the hell with it. Nonetheless, a new debate have arrived between Tinder and POF which are the two premiere dating apps. I decided to make a short list to show what both dating apps have to offer and let the people decide.


  • Accessible from your mobile app and PC
  • Free
  • Detailed profile and questionnaire
  • Group Chats (Can get to know several people at the same time)
  • Compatibility scores(Based on different factors to find matches)
  • Data from your app can be exported to your email
  • Social Networking features (Commenting and tagging)
  • Tablet optimized version (Better user experience)
  • Widgets can be added to home screen
  • You can delete past messages


  • Free
  • You can see who’s within your location
  • Push notifications
  • Connected to your Facebook account (upload pictures, mutual friends, mutual likes, etc.)
  • Nine more languages supported
  • Media library (makes searching easier)
  • The app can still be used without an account
  • If there’s a mutual match your notified immediately
  • You can specify your sexual orientation (easier to find a match)
  • Simple swipe right if your interested and swipe left if not

If I had to make a choice, I would say both apps has its fair share of creeps. Now to pick the better evil, I would definitely go with Tinder. It’s just more user friendly for me and I get a kick out of showing I’m not interested with a smooth swipe to the left. So do you want to go swimming with plenty of fishes or do you want to swipe right to get liked? The choice is yours.

Which dating site will win the battle for the #1 digital cupid? Do you think OkCupid can stand a chance against Tinder?


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