Tinder Social Experiment: Why Are Men Jerks?

We all get somewhat nervous when meeting someone for the first time no matter the circumstances. Now it’s an entire new ball game once you throw a blind date in there. Well not so much of a blind date in this case because you actually see the person first on Tinder.

Online dating can be a bit tricky because of the high expectations these photos create once a match is generated. You expect to see the same person you’ve seen in that photo and anything outside of that is a complete disappointment.

Tinder decided to do a social experiment with men and women. Making both the woman and man they chose to be much more overweight than how they looked in their photo. With a little help with makeup and some other weird costume that makes you look fatter, Tinder sent them on dates with their matches. The video below is going to show the first experiment with an over sized woman on her multiple set of dates with her matches. Check it out to see the outcome. Take a look:

(Source: YouTube – Simple Pickup)

As you can tell after watching the video that most guys  are more shallow and can care less about personality within the first physical encounter after meeting on Tinder. Which was expected in my opinion because we tend to have more a**hole qualities than most women.

On the other hand, who knows women might have the same feelings toward a man they thought looked one way, but upon meeting him he was totally different. Only way to find out is to check out the next video of a guy this time dressed as an overweight man on his first set of dates with the matches he found on Tinder.

(Source: YouTube – Simple Pickup)

To everyone surprised with the outcome, women were actually much nicer to a man that they thought was a slimmer version of himself, but ended up going on a date with a fat guy. Well it really wasn’t much of a shocker. Typically women can overlook the physical qualities of a man and notice the inner qualities he possess. OK, I’m giving women too much credit now. Men we aren’t all that bad, but sometimes what’s in between our legs can create cloudy decisions.


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