Hey There Stranger, Want To Get a Darkroom & See What Develops?

While the work in progress app Banter, takes advantage of our willingness to chat with strangers. Tinder takes it to the next level, allowing you to meet strangers in person. Frankly, I love this idea! I mean why go skydiving when possibly you can be murdered with just a swipe to the right. It is exhilarating if I say so myself.

I decided to try to Tinder, strictly for research purposes of course and with my husband nearby furrowing his brow with the intensity of Daniel Day Lewis. I must say even knowing that the option for “friendship” or a stranger danger booty-call was not a factor I thoroughly enjoyed swiping left and right (mainly left) to my heart’s content. I picked apart every photo with surgical precision, from the 30-year-old man wearing flared jeans to the 22-year-old good old boy who appears to be in a pretty exclusive relationship with his truck. With every critique and every left reject swipe my powers of criticism grew stronger. Only after I forced myself to set the phone down did I realize I was drunk with power!

The hype of Tinder has definitely reached the peak of inflated expectations. Everyone knows what tender is at this point. Today I watched   musical anti-smoking commercial using Tinder to encourage us “swipe it left for smokers”. For a society that has become so incredibly political correct, that you can sneeze without hurting someone’s feeling, Tinder allows us to judge people in the privacy of our own homes, and in some cases dark alley’s (I’m talking to you Lamont, age 22 of Stone Mountain, GA #leftswipe).

You might think that you can get the same satisfaction from Instagram, it also it just a series of photos. The number of time a user spends on each app tells a different story. While the average Instagram user spends 22 minutes a day on the app, Tinder users spend about 77 minutes a day “Tindering”.

Does anyone else think of this guy whenever you say the word Tindering?

Credit: Still Photo from the film Silence of the Lambs, 1991, Dir. Jonathan Demme

Credit: Still Photo from the film Silence of the Lambs, 1991, Dir. Jonathan Demme

If you want to know about Banter and other less intense ways of meeting new people online, check out my blog.

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~J.J. Zaino is a senior at Georgia State University, graduating with a BBA in Marketing. She lives with her husband and two daughter in metro Atlanta. Her favorite online activity is trolling and her friends often refer to her as a real O.T. (Original Troll).


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