Does OkCupid Stand A Chance Against The New Dating App On The Block?


Since starting this blog I’ve been speaking with a number of friends on the topic of online dating. To my surprise I would say about 70% of my friends are actively online dating or have been recently in the past. Typically all I’ve been hearing recently during the course of conversation is Tinder, Tinder, and more Tinder. Of course you hear of POF and, but from the outside looking in it seems to me that Tinder is the way of online dating now. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with getting laid quicker as some say, but its arguable that it might be the most popular dating app at the moment.

I spoke with a best friend of mine a couple days ago and she stated she uses OkCupid. My first question was what the hell is that? I know I’m not as active as some when it comes to online dating, but I genuinely never heard of them before. The more I began to do my research the more I learned that they were a prominent dating site/app. They were launched on March 5, 2004 which makes today their eleventh anniversary. Now I feel pretty stupid because this is not some overnight dating site/app, they’ve been around quite some while now.

“I think the biggest challenge was turning OkCupid around” according to the co-founder of OkCupid Sam Yagan. Maybe that’s why I’ve never heard of them before because they went through some rough moments back in 2009.

OkCupid features:

  • Free, but can pay for an upgrade
  • Must include location and relationship status
  • You can choose which pre-written questions you want to answer
  • When you view other profiles, you can check which answers matched with yours
  • Searches can be based on age range, type of relationship your seeking, and a list of other things
  • A list is emailed weekly to users for potential matches
  • You can see who liked or viewed your page
  • You have the option whether or not you want people to know you viewed their profile

OkCupid doesn’t give me the same excitement that Tinder does. I just love that damn swipe right or left option. It’s pretty much pick your poison at this point. The process of Tinder is a much shorter one if you ask me. Then again it’s pretty shallow, but makes sense to instantly judge if your attracted to someone with just one swipe.


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