Cupid and His New Target


We now live in a world where everything is at your finger tips digitally and you can satisfy all your needs within the click of a button. The fact that you can order pizza and an escort in the same motion is pretty cool and a bit awkward to me. Also, social media sites has now made interaction quite impersonal, but has been revolutionary for our current generation in so many different ways. The new in thing now seems to be these dating apps which is starting to increase in numbers as time progresses. Personally I’m pretty organic when it comes to meeting new people and I like face to face interactions, but I think these dating sites adds a pretty unique dimension. There’s a decent number of dating sites/ apps out there, but one in particular been garnering the most attention.

It's A match

You guessed it, Tinder… Tinder is a matchmaking dating app and was released on September 15, 2012 to the public. I decided to download the application for experimental purposes and began to realize how intrigued and creeped out I was by it all at the same time. The mobile dating app uses Facebook to collect general information and generate matches through geographic location. They use facets such as friends, networks, and interests to calculate some form of data to help match users. Tinder is very mobile friendly and easy to use. I like to think they do a great job at cutting out the bullsh*t and getting straight to the point. A photo pops up on your screen of a potential match, you either swipe the picture right to display interest or to the left if you’re not interested. Long story short if I swipe right I can go all night, that was suppose to be a joke lol. Simply just means I think your hot and I’ll like to get to know you.

Tinder directs their target audience to digital natives, which are people who were born or brought up in the digital era and is very skilled with computers/the internet. Digital natives are partly composed of younger college students who are mostly the main active users for Tinder. In actuality Tinder was first introduced to college campuses to begin with.

Look at these interesting stats:

Tinder Demo

Check out my post on the ATL Hawks fun marketing strategy integrating Tinder cleverly dubbed,“Swipe Right Night”!


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