Brilliant Marketing Strategies: ATL Hawks “Swipe Right Night”


(Source: YouTube – The Daily View News) 

What does the Atlanta Hawks and dating have in common? Take a wild guess, yup you got it Tinder. I’m pretty sure you had no clue of that correlation, but nice try. Atlanta Hawks has figured out a very cool and interesting way to integrate their sporting event with a little socializing/hooking up.

“Swipe Right Night” was a major success in the Philips Arena. If you went to the game of course you needed the Tinder app to participate in the festivities. The ones who decided to partake in “Swipe Right Night” throughout the game got their swiping on to meet a potential match in the arena. Then if you meet a match, both parties head over to the “Love Lounge”. Why am I not surprised by the name of this lounge, after all it is Atlanta. The Love Lounge consisted of a red carpet with glasses of champagne for everyone. I guess it’s a reason why I never got the memo for this event because I probably would’ve showed up just for the free champagne(don’t judge me). Anyhow, if you met your match in the Love Lounge and you guys hit it off both parties would have to give up a rose they were given before entry. I guess the ceremony of giving up the rose truly signifies a true match.

“We were pioneers of the in-game ‘Kiss Cam’ and are hopeful that we can assist in making some more love connections at our games”, says the Atlanta Hawks CEO Steve Koonin. Hmmm that comment leads me to think, can you actually find a true love connection at a sporting event? Well, with all that free champagne in the Love Lounge I’m pretty sure quite a few people end up hooking up that night, but isn’t that the point of Tinder anyways. That’s neither here nor there, the point is that was a brilliant idea if you ask me. From a marketing aspect your able to increase ticket sales for that night or for future games and Tinder is able to get some killer exposure in the midst of it all.

How do you meet people in your city? Would “Swipe Right Night” spice up your dating life? Maybe you could find Mr. or Mrs. Right..hmmm you never know. Check out my thoughts on two popular dating apps and their battle to be the #1 digital cupid, POF vs Tinder.


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