The HYPE: Will We Be Using Tinder in 2020?… Or Nah?

Da Hype.001

It’s completely undeniable that Tinder is the new hot dating app that has everyone buzzing and swiping for love. Is it here to stay…..or nah? Gartner’s Hype Cycle helps us decide from a “technical marketing” standpoint. Keep reading….

Gartner’s hype cycle is a useful tool created by Gartner, an IT research company. The cycle’s stages are often used as a reference point to gage which part of the wave a company is on at the moment and how long it will take to peak or dissolve. It also assesses its own risks and opportunities. The hype cycle is broken into five stages:

  1. Technology Trigger: Prototype and Concept or “Baby Phase”. ( Apple iWatch starts here)
  2. Peak of Inflated Expectations: Technology is starting to catch onto the wave. Early Adopters are gravitating to new technology. (Tinder goes here.)
  3. Trough of Disillusionment: There are some evident flaws and failures. The tough decision phase. Companies may toy with deciding to keep or drop lack luster products. ( Apple iPod Touch)
  4. Slope of Enlightenment: Technology’s potential to grow and expand the breadth and depth of product line is assessed.
  5. Plateau of Productivity: The technology is widely used and implemented. It’s place in the market has solidified. (Great Example: Apple iPhone. )

Tinder is in the Peak of Inflated Expectations phase. The technology is being implemented and early to mid phase adopters are gravitating towards the product, even some late adopters have caught on. The popular app still has room for improvement including, monetization and product attribute expansion. Perhaps in a few years, Tinder will be in the Slope of Enlightenment Phase after researching their strengths and weakness. The app is gaining great ground amongst the Millennial audience and continues to reach new peaks in downloads regularly. So…maybe it may become the go to app for  the younger adults in 2020 and beyond.

Social dating sites such as OK Cupid, Plenty of Fish (POF) and, are better known staples for older less tech savvy bachelors and bachelorettes. Tinder grasps the attention from “digital natives”, who are the second largest target demographic compared to their grandparents or parents the Baby Boomers. By capturing and appealing to a HUGE target audience, Tinder almost ensures its stake in the “computer love” world of online dating. Plus, lets be honest…Millennials ( people born after 1980) rule the world [seriously]!  More and more advertisers and marketers are working hard to cater to us. We don’t care whether you like dogs more than cats or like long walks on the beach during the sunset. Let’s face it…we’re a bit shallow. Tinder meets all the needs and wants of Millennials in the simplest way possible.

So…will we be using Tinder in 2020?…or Nah? I say, YES! As long as it remains simple, people are attractive (and easy), and there is a need for social gratification, Tinder will live on! Living La Vida Tinder Baby!


Tinder Social Experiment: Why Are Men Jerks?

We all get somewhat nervous when meeting someone for the first time no matter the circumstances. Now it’s an entire new ball game once you throw a blind date in there. Well not so much of a blind date in this case because you actually see the person first on Tinder.

Online dating can be a bit tricky because of the high expectations these photos create once a match is generated. You expect to see the same person you’ve seen in that photo and anything outside of that is a complete disappointment.

Tinder decided to do a social experiment with men and women. Making both the woman and man they chose to be much more overweight than how they looked in their photo. With a little help with makeup and some other weird costume that makes you look fatter, Tinder sent them on dates with their matches. The video below is going to show the first experiment with an over sized woman on her multiple set of dates with her matches. Check it out to see the outcome. Take a look:

(Source: YouTube – Simple Pickup)

As you can tell after watching the video that most guys  are more shallow and can care less about personality within the first physical encounter after meeting on Tinder. Which was expected in my opinion because we tend to have more a**hole qualities than most women.

On the other hand, who knows women might have the same feelings toward a man they thought looked one way, but upon meeting him he was totally different. Only way to find out is to check out the next video of a guy this time dressed as an overweight man on his first set of dates with the matches he found on Tinder.

(Source: YouTube – Simple Pickup)

To everyone surprised with the outcome, women were actually much nicer to a man that they thought was a slimmer version of himself, but ended up going on a date with a fat guy. Well it really wasn’t much of a shocker. Typically women can overlook the physical qualities of a man and notice the inner qualities he possess. OK, I’m giving women too much credit now. Men we aren’t all that bad, but sometimes what’s in between our legs can create cloudy decisions.

Does OkCupid Stand A Chance Against The New Dating App On The Block?


Since starting this blog I’ve been speaking with a number of friends on the topic of online dating. To my surprise I would say about 70% of my friends are actively online dating or have been recently in the past. Typically all I’ve been hearing recently during the course of conversation is Tinder, Tinder, and more Tinder. Of course you hear of POF and, but from the outside looking in it seems to me that Tinder is the way of online dating now. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with getting laid quicker as some say, but its arguable that it might be the most popular dating app at the moment.

I spoke with a best friend of mine a couple days ago and she stated she uses OkCupid. My first question was what the hell is that? I know I’m not as active as some when it comes to online dating, but I genuinely never heard of them before. The more I began to do my research the more I learned that they were a prominent dating site/app. They were launched on March 5, 2004 which makes today their eleventh anniversary. Now I feel pretty stupid because this is not some overnight dating site/app, they’ve been around quite some while now.

“I think the biggest challenge was turning OkCupid around” according to the co-founder of OkCupid Sam Yagan. Maybe that’s why I’ve never heard of them before because they went through some rough moments back in 2009.

OkCupid features:

  • Free, but can pay for an upgrade
  • Must include location and relationship status
  • You can choose which pre-written questions you want to answer
  • When you view other profiles, you can check which answers matched with yours
  • Searches can be based on age range, type of relationship your seeking, and a list of other things
  • A list is emailed weekly to users for potential matches
  • You can see who liked or viewed your page
  • You have the option whether or not you want people to know you viewed their profile

OkCupid doesn’t give me the same excitement that Tinder does. I just love that damn swipe right or left option. It’s pretty much pick your poison at this point. The process of Tinder is a much shorter one if you ask me. Then again it’s pretty shallow, but makes sense to instantly judge if your attracted to someone with just one swipe.

POF vs. Tinder: May The Best Dating App Win

pof vs tinder


As you can tell by now everyday there seems to be a new dating app/site coming out of the woodwork trying to swindle us all into believing that if you sign up with them your almost guaranteed to make a love connection. Honestly it can all get a bit overwhelming when your single trying to fight the temptation of not signing up for any of them. Eventually you break and give in because they’re constantly spoken about by friends and just everyday people.

I finally gave in with POF a few months ago, but after three weeks I removed the app from my phone. It took me two weeks alone to think about what I wanted to write in my bio, so I said the hell with it. Nonetheless, a new debate have arrived between Tinder and POF which are the two premiere dating apps. I decided to make a short list to show what both dating apps have to offer and let the people decide.


  • Accessible from your mobile app and PC
  • Free
  • Detailed profile and questionnaire
  • Group Chats (Can get to know several people at the same time)
  • Compatibility scores(Based on different factors to find matches)
  • Data from your app can be exported to your email
  • Social Networking features (Commenting and tagging)
  • Tablet optimized version (Better user experience)
  • Widgets can be added to home screen
  • You can delete past messages


  • Free
  • You can see who’s within your location
  • Push notifications
  • Connected to your Facebook account (upload pictures, mutual friends, mutual likes, etc.)
  • Nine more languages supported
  • Media library (makes searching easier)
  • The app can still be used without an account
  • If there’s a mutual match your notified immediately
  • You can specify your sexual orientation (easier to find a match)
  • Simple swipe right if your interested and swipe left if not

If I had to make a choice, I would say both apps has its fair share of creeps. Now to pick the better evil, I would definitely go with Tinder. It’s just more user friendly for me and I get a kick out of showing I’m not interested with a smooth swipe to the left. So do you want to go swimming with plenty of fishes or do you want to swipe right to get liked? The choice is yours.

Which dating site will win the battle for the #1 digital cupid? Do you think OkCupid can stand a chance against Tinder?

Hey There Stranger, Want To Get a Darkroom & See What Develops?

While the work in progress app Banter, takes advantage of our willingness to chat with strangers. Tinder takes it to the next level, allowing you to meet strangers in person. Frankly, I love this idea! I mean why go skydiving when possibly you can be murdered with just a swipe to the right. It is exhilarating if I say so myself.

I decided to try to Tinder, strictly for research purposes of course and with my husband nearby furrowing his brow with the intensity of Daniel Day Lewis. I must say even knowing that the option for “friendship” or a stranger danger booty-call was not a factor I thoroughly enjoyed swiping left and right (mainly left) to my heart’s content. I picked apart every photo with surgical precision, from the 30-year-old man wearing flared jeans to the 22-year-old good old boy who appears to be in a pretty exclusive relationship with his truck. With every critique and every left reject swipe my powers of criticism grew stronger. Only after I forced myself to set the phone down did I realize I was drunk with power!

The hype of Tinder has definitely reached the peak of inflated expectations. Everyone knows what tender is at this point. Today I watched   musical anti-smoking commercial using Tinder to encourage us “swipe it left for smokers”. For a society that has become so incredibly political correct, that you can sneeze without hurting someone’s feeling, Tinder allows us to judge people in the privacy of our own homes, and in some cases dark alley’s (I’m talking to you Lamont, age 22 of Stone Mountain, GA #leftswipe).

You might think that you can get the same satisfaction from Instagram, it also it just a series of photos. The number of time a user spends on each app tells a different story. While the average Instagram user spends 22 minutes a day on the app, Tinder users spend about 77 minutes a day “Tindering”.

Does anyone else think of this guy whenever you say the word Tindering?

Credit: Still Photo from the film Silence of the Lambs, 1991, Dir. Jonathan Demme

Credit: Still Photo from the film Silence of the Lambs, 1991, Dir. Jonathan Demme

If you want to know about Banter and other less intense ways of meeting new people online, check out my blog.

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~J.J. Zaino is a senior at Georgia State University, graduating with a BBA in Marketing. She lives with her husband and two daughter in metro Atlanta. Her favorite online activity is trolling and her friends often refer to her as a real O.T. (Original Troll).

Cupid and His New Target


We now live in a world where everything is at your finger tips digitally and you can satisfy all your needs within the click of a button. The fact that you can order pizza and an escort in the same motion is pretty cool and a bit awkward to me. Also, social media sites has now made interaction quite impersonal, but has been revolutionary for our current generation in so many different ways. The new in thing now seems to be these dating apps which is starting to increase in numbers as time progresses. Personally I’m pretty organic when it comes to meeting new people and I like face to face interactions, but I think these dating sites adds a pretty unique dimension. There’s a decent number of dating sites/ apps out there, but one in particular been garnering the most attention.

It's A match

You guessed it, Tinder… Tinder is a matchmaking dating app and was released on September 15, 2012 to the public. I decided to download the application for experimental purposes and began to realize how intrigued and creeped out I was by it all at the same time. The mobile dating app uses Facebook to collect general information and generate matches through geographic location. They use facets such as friends, networks, and interests to calculate some form of data to help match users. Tinder is very mobile friendly and easy to use. I like to think they do a great job at cutting out the bullsh*t and getting straight to the point. A photo pops up on your screen of a potential match, you either swipe the picture right to display interest or to the left if you’re not interested. Long story short if I swipe right I can go all night, that was suppose to be a joke lol. Simply just means I think your hot and I’ll like to get to know you.

Tinder directs their target audience to digital natives, which are people who were born or brought up in the digital era and is very skilled with computers/the internet. Digital natives are partly composed of younger college students who are mostly the main active users for Tinder. In actuality Tinder was first introduced to college campuses to begin with.

Look at these interesting stats:

Tinder Demo

Check out my post on the ATL Hawks fun marketing strategy integrating Tinder cleverly dubbed,“Swipe Right Night”!

Brilliant Marketing Strategies: ATL Hawks “Swipe Right Night”


(Source: YouTube – The Daily View News) 

What does the Atlanta Hawks and dating have in common? Take a wild guess, yup you got it Tinder. I’m pretty sure you had no clue of that correlation, but nice try. Atlanta Hawks has figured out a very cool and interesting way to integrate their sporting event with a little socializing/hooking up.

“Swipe Right Night” was a major success in the Philips Arena. If you went to the game of course you needed the Tinder app to participate in the festivities. The ones who decided to partake in “Swipe Right Night” throughout the game got their swiping on to meet a potential match in the arena. Then if you meet a match, both parties head over to the “Love Lounge”. Why am I not surprised by the name of this lounge, after all it is Atlanta. The Love Lounge consisted of a red carpet with glasses of champagne for everyone. I guess it’s a reason why I never got the memo for this event because I probably would’ve showed up just for the free champagne(don’t judge me). Anyhow, if you met your match in the Love Lounge and you guys hit it off both parties would have to give up a rose they were given before entry. I guess the ceremony of giving up the rose truly signifies a true match.

“We were pioneers of the in-game ‘Kiss Cam’ and are hopeful that we can assist in making some more love connections at our games”, says the Atlanta Hawks CEO Steve Koonin. Hmmm that comment leads me to think, can you actually find a true love connection at a sporting event? Well, with all that free champagne in the Love Lounge I’m pretty sure quite a few people end up hooking up that night, but isn’t that the point of Tinder anyways. That’s neither here nor there, the point is that was a brilliant idea if you ask me. From a marketing aspect your able to increase ticket sales for that night or for future games and Tinder is able to get some killer exposure in the midst of it all.

How do you meet people in your city? Would “Swipe Right Night” spice up your dating life? Maybe you could find Mr. or Mrs. Right..hmmm you never know. Check out my thoughts on two popular dating apps and their battle to be the #1 digital cupid, POF vs Tinder.